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Drink More Water

Drink More Water

You’ll not only be doing your weight loss efforts a favor, but also your body, when you drink more water. The body is about 60% water, so ensuring you’re well hydrated helps all the organs. Staying hydrated not only keeps your body running right, it also helps your organs. Water helps keep you thinking clearer according to many studies. Even mild dehydration can reduce your ability to remember and put you in a poor mood. It affects your concentration and can lead to fatigue, anxiety, memory loss and headaches.

If you want a real energy boost, hit the H2O, not the coffee.

That cup of Joe may give you a quick boost, just like a candy bar does, but that quick boost soon turns around to another low. To maintain your energy, you need to get a cold perk-me-up in the form of water. Often, rather than tired, you’re actually dehydrated or on the border. That leaves you feeling ready for a short nap. You’ll perform your workout with more vigor and burn more calories when you stay hydrated. There’s no need for a sports drink unless you’re going at 100% for a while. They only add extra calories and don’t do the great job water does for dehydration.

Shed those extra pounds by drinking more water.

Water can boost your metabolism as much as 30 percent for about an hour and a half. Just drinking two liters of water a day increases the average person’s metabolism enough to burn an additional 96 calories every day. That may not sound like much, but it could mean losing almost one extra pound per month. When you consider you don’t have to do anything extra, workout any longer or drop any more calories from your menu, that’s pretty impressive.

When you drink the water plays an important role in weight loss.

Drinking a half liter of water about a half hour before your meals can help you even more than just casually drinking it throughout the day. Water is filling and a recent study proved it. Half the group was told to drink a half liter of water before meals. The other group of dieters were to eat as normal. The group that drank water lost an average of 44% more weight than the control group. It’s simple, yet extremely effective. It fills you up, not out.

  • Opt for cold water. Your body needs to warm the water to body temperature. That burns additional calories.
  • Avoid a hangover and drink more water. Part of the fatigue and headache of the hangover comes from dehydration. Either drink a full glass of water between alcoholic beverages or drink several glasses when you get up in the morning to help clear your head and lose that headache.
  • Cut the bloat of constipation with water. Regular exercise and water can keep you going and make you a regular guy or gal. If bloating and constipation are a problem, include more water in your life.
  • Maximize your performance with water. Just losing as little as two percent of the body’s water content through sweat can affect your performance. Your muscles are 80% water, so treat them right and drink water before, during and after exercising.

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