A Good Night’s Rest Is Important

If you’re like many people in Richmond Hill, GA, there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done. You stay up late to finish a report for the next day, pack the kid’s lunch or simply try to unwind and then get up early in the morning and start all over again. The problem with that type of schedule is the inability to get a good nights rest with any consistency. If there’s a continuous lack of sleep, it can create some serious problems with health and even sabotage weight loss efforts.

When you’re sleeping, your brain is actually working hard.

You may be asleep, but your brain isn’t. It’s still performing a number of functions, which include removing toxins that build up while you’re awake. It is important to memory consolidation where it processes the events of the day and consolidates sensory input, feelings, memories and events to create links that help you process those events and remember them better.

Want to shed extra pounds? Sleep on it.

You may think that moving more and longer would help you lose weight…and you’d be right. It is unless you give up sleep to do it. One study showed that people who slept fewer than seven hours were more likely to be overweight. While the reason isn’t known for sure, scientists think it may have to do with the balancing of ghrelin and leptin hormones that regulate how hungry you get. When you’re tired, you’re also more prone to reach for a sugary treat that can start a cycle that makes you reach for more as your blood sugar roller coasters through peaks and valleys.

Sleep makes you healthier.

There’s a lot of research that shows lack of sleep can lead to heart disease. One reason may be that lack of sleep can lead to inflammation. That occurs because lack of sleep increases stress hormones. Inflammation is also linked to other serious conditions, such as diabetes and cancer. In fact, it may even be Even if you can’t get a full night’s sleep, studies show that napping throughout the day can help. It can boost cognitive functioning, put you in a better mood and improve your memory.

  • You need to sleep in a dark room and refrain from electronics before sleeping to protect your melatonin levels. That light exposure can reduce them. Not only does melatonin regulate your sleep cycle, it also suppresses tumor growth.
  • Keep stress at bay by getting adequate sleep. Sleep reduces the body’s stress and by doing that, lowers your risk of high blood pressure.
  • Sleep is the time your body repairs the damage of the day. When you sleep, your cells increase their production of protein that help repair damaged cells.

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