Are Protein Supplements Good For You

Among the personal trainers in Richmond Hill, GA, there’s a lot of talk about whether to recommend supplements to clients. In the world of supplements, one of the healthiest is whey protein supplements, but even it has some drawbacks, regardless of its health benefits. There are many situations where supplements are important and even life saving. For instance, sick and elderly people often don’t get enough protein in their diet. Supplementing that protein can help keep them from wasting away.

There are other reasons people may need a protein supplement.

People who are on a vegan diet often don’t get enough protein, just because the sources aren’t top quality protein or limited on that type of diet. There are good vegan protein sources that can fill the gap. Some athletes may need extra protein if they’re training hard and need to supplement to maintain or build muscle mass. Adding extra protein can also help stabilize blood sugar and help people under stress avoid hypoglycemia and to repair tissue that breaks down under stress. Extra protein may also promote weight loss.

You can get too much of a good thing.

Some protein supplements are filled with polyunsaturated fatty acids that can damage your body in excess. Soy protein, for instance, increases the level of estrogen in the body. Even healthy protein, like whey has some drawbacks. While whey protein is a complete protein source, since it has all the amino acids, it can cause some digestive issues. Like any type of supplement, food or additive, some people can develop allergies to it. It can cause constipation, while may put an extra burden on the kidneys. That should be of concern for those with existing kidney problems. There’s also some concern over liver damage and osteoporosis with whey protein.

The best way to get healthy protein is with a balanced diet.

Unless you fit in the categories listed in the first paragraph, eating whole foods is always superior to taking a supplement. A good meal also fills you up and is far tastier. However, depending on the type of supplement you take, you’re generally safe supplementing with protein powder. Pay close attention to the type of protein supplement you take. If you’re lactose intolerant, avoid whey protein, since it’s made from dairy.

  • Don’t over supplement. Too much protein is hard on the kidneys when consumed regularly.
  • People who are just starting a workout program may benefit from a protein supplement, too. Since muscle tissue is being built, you may need more than normal than you would after training a while.
  • The three most often used types of protein powders are whey, casein and soy. The easiest to use is whey because it’s water-soluble and a complete protein.
  • Soy protein supplement is good for vegans, but harder to dissolve in water and an incomplete protein.

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