Best Cardio For Fast Weight Loss

Many of my clients in Richmond Hill, GA, come to Studio Fit to lose weight. Our programs include both strength training and cardio for fast weight loss. One type of workout that addresses all types of fitness is HIIT—high intensity interval training. It’s not a specific exercise but a method of doing exercises. It can use any workout, including something as simple as walking. You simply go at top speed for a minute or two, reduce the intensity to moderate for recovery and then back to peak performance. Using that technique, you can do strength building exercises and make them great cardio workouts for weight loss.

If you want something simple, try jumping rope.

You won’t have to invest much in equipment when you do this cardio, but can torch calories effectively. Jumping rope is often part of a boxer’s training, since it’s great for getting into shape, burning calories and improving coordination. You can jump rope as part of HIIT, first jumping fast, then slowing it and back to high speed jumping. Sprinting is another way to torch calories.

There’s a reason coaches have their teams sprint up bleachers.

Sprinting is an exceptionally good cardio workout that also burns loads of calories to make weight loss easier. You can sprint on a track, treadmill or include the extra calorie burning of stair stepping by going up and down stairs. Sprinting at top speed and modifying both speed and intensity throughout the sprint gets you in shape faster than a steady pace. Sprint a lap, lifting your knees high as you do and then jog or walk a lap. Sprint up the stairs as fast as you can and then turn around and walk down them.

Ride a real bicycle or stationary bike for good results.

While any exercise is better than no exercise, you won’t get the results you want with a leisurely bike ride, you have to give it all you got. If you get on a stationary bike, peddle away with vigor and you’ll burn calories and keep the fire burning. Just like other exercises, pedal at high intensity for a few minutes and then slow the pace for recovery for a few. It’s all about varying the intensity and speed.

  • Kettlebell workout are not only total body workouts, they also work strength, flexibility and endurance—cardio. Studies show that kettlebells burn about 20 calories every minute you do it.
  • Jump in the pool or go to the lake, swimming will help you shed weight, while you get a cardio workout. If you do a few laps, treading water between laps, you’ll get huge weight loss benefits. One minute of speed swimming burns approximately 14 calories.
  • Rowing is good cardio, plus helps you lose weight. Try to set the speed record when you row and you’ll burn the most calories.
  • If you want to lose weight, our 30 day trial at Studio Fit could be perfect. Not only does it offer calorie burning exercises, it also provides nutritional advice that will help you shed pounds quickly.

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