Can You Snack And Still Lose Weight

Some people think that you have to eat only three meals a day and nothing in between to be successful in weight loss. The truth is that you not only can snack and still lose weight, it actually might help you do that. Some weight loss plans actually suggest you break your meals down to six or more smaller ones throughout the day. While the way you eat is entirely up to your preferences, it is one way to shed pounds and fill in those times when you’re hungry between meals.

How snacks help you lose weight.

Snacks can help you keep your hunger under control. You won’t be ravenous at the next meal if you’ve tempered your appetite with a snack. That means you won’t over order in a restaurant or pile the food on your plate at home. That can lead to a lower caloric intake and faster weight loss. The key is not whether to snack or not, but what to use as a snack.

Plan your snacks or you’ll find yourself eating food that’s not healthy or thinning.

If you know you’ll be hungry mid morning or mid afternoon, don’t ignore that fact when you’re planning your healthy eating plan. Embrace it. Choose healthy foods that not only are lower in calories, but also add important nutrients to your diet. Food that has high fiber, healthy fat and protein will keep you feeling fuller longer.

Some snacks are better than others are.

Mixed nuts and fresh fruits are often at the top of the list when it comes to snacking. However, there are other snacks that area also healthy, filling and lower in calories. Popcorn fills you up with healthy fiber and yogurt (the unsweetened type) provides calcium and protein. Create your own trail mix and measure out individual serving sizes for plastic bags you can carry in your purse or keep in your desk at work.

  • Keep water on hand to sip throughout the day. While it’s not a snack, it can help fill you up, so you’re less likely to overeat. Sometimes, people eat because they think they’re hungry but are really just thirsty.
  • Hard boiled eggs have their own container and can stay fresh without refrigeration for up to two hours. You can take them to work and store them in the refrigerator for snacks later that day or for up to three weeks.
  • Have snacks ready in the refrigerator. If you have whole cantaloupe in the house, it won’t be eaten as quickly as having it in a bowl cut in bite size chunks. You can eat one or two chunks throughout the day without fretting about weight gain.
  • Try instant unsweetened oatmeal as a snack. It helps keep your blood sugar level and adds fiber to your diet. Have an apple or a few raisins ready to sweeten it.

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