Our Amazing Coaching staff

We have assembled the best group of coaches in the area to help you along your fitness journey. Each will teach, inspire, and help you improve your life through fitness.

Each coach has one thing in common, a passion for helping you become a better version of yourself. That passion shows every day in how they will help you through each of our programs as you progress in your fitness. You will not believe how much better you will feel!

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Mark and Julie

We are actually not personal trainers nor fitness professionals ourselves. We are clients just like you. We started working out at the studio and when the previous owner announced he was moving away we didn’t want it to end.

We went and thought about it, and came up with a deal to take over the studio. You see, speaking to the other clients, nobody knew what they were going to do if the studio closed. It was going to leave a big hole in their lives.

It’s our mission to now extend this influence throughout the Richmond Hill area and help you to live a healthier and happier life; just like we have – using fitness as the vehicle to an improved version of you.

Brandon Ansara Milbaugh

“Voted Bryan County’s Favorite Personal Trainer”

Brandon comes from a military background, but don’t let that scare you. He’s not the “screaming at you while your face is in the mud” type. Brandon is an American Sports and Fitness Association Certified Personal Trainer. He’s currently enrolled in a Pre-Med degree and believes that your physical well-being is something that affects every aspect of your life. He has a very well rounded knowledge of physical fitness and having graduated from a culinary art course, his knowledge of nutrition and food preparation is extensive.

Brandon has been with Studio Fit for over 3 years and has run over 5,000 sessions during that time. This training experience is invaluable and necessary for being a well rounded trainer.

“The two most important aspects of personal training are keeping your clients healthy and happy. At Studio Fit, we’re committed to not only keeping you as healthy as possible but we also strive to help you achieve the very specific goals that you may have for your fitness.”

Scott Acosta

Scott is a Certified Starting Strength Coach, a USA Powerlifting Coach, a Westside Barbell Strength Coach, a ACSM Personal Trainer and a competitive raw powerlifter. His training philosophy involves the use of classical barbell movements combined with simple, yet highly effective periodization for the development of whole-body strength, and power.

Whether you’re young, old, a beginner or experienced, Scott can teach you how to use the barbell as a tool to becoming bigger, faster, stronger, leaner, and healthier.

Prior to becoming a coach, Scott spent 6 years as an Army Infantryman, and 9 years in high-threat protection.

Dennis Brown

“Voted Bryan County’s Favorite Personal Trainer”

Dennis is an energetic, caring, good natured, friendly, workout nut who likes to help everybody young and old to be in their own personal best shape and be as healthy as possible. He is a retired Army Combat Medic, a Paramedic, an Army Master Fitness Trainer with an ACE Certification for Personal Fitness and Nutrition. He earned his Associates Degree in Health Science and is working on his Bachelors Degree.

He is a loving husband, father of two amazing children and owner of two and half dogs. Dennis is fortunate to have the opportunity to make his passion of “Physical Fitness” his employment.

Dennis will give you one on one attention and nutritional monitoring and the full experience of having a personal trainer. You will be able to enjoy your process of becoming fit and healthy and will love your results if you’re committed.

Lauren Grout

Lauren is a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise, a certified online trainer by the Online Training Federation and is a certified yoga instructor by Alliance Yoga. She has a degree in Exercise Science and is always working on growing her knowledge around food and fitness, currently working on a nutrition certification.
Lauren believes the fundamentals of movement should not be taken for granted and functional movements should be where everyone starts, then it’s all fun from there on out. Her spunky attitude shows through in her training and helps to keep you on your toes. She is always expanding her knowledge and is always trying new things and testing out what’s next.
In Lauren’s words… “I want people to feel more than good in there bodies, I want people to feel like they are at “HOME” in their bodies. We are only given one body and we need to make sure we are good to it…A well oiled machine will last a lifetime”.


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