Create Your Own Home Gym

Even though our business depends on people coming in to our gym, that doesn’t mean there are times when clients find it impossible to do. That’s why I also recommend a home gym or an area to workout and a routine of exercises that don’t require any equipment. As a personal trainer, I’m always glad to help clients with that type of workout, so they have it available when they go on vacation or need to workout at home, no matter what the reason. If you want to have a home gym, here are a few suggestions.

Keep it budget friendly.

Of course, exercises that don’t require equipment are the most budget friendly, but there are a few pieces of equipment you can have available that are extremely budget friendly. You can use resistance bands that are inexpensive, but provide a good strength training workout. Kettlebells are also a great addition to a home gym, as long as you have the space to move around. Balance balls can be purchased for under $20 and make a good addition, too. Pull up bars can add to your home gym and don’t cost a fortune.

Get a little more sophisticated with a few used items.

Buying used items can be tricky. Make sure you see the items in person so you can look for wear and tear. You can’t go wrong if you’re buying items with no moving parts, like dumbbells, as long as you check for cracks. Also, look for defects, excessive wear, rust and damage. Buying in person is the only way to go when it comes to weights, since the cost of shipping would often be more than the cost of the weights. It also helps you make a more informed choice.

When you buy used, you can get a lot more for your dollar, but you need to take some preliminary steps.

Buy the type of equipment you’ll use and if you can only afford one piece of equipment, make it a total workout machine like a NordicTrack or a cardio machine like a rowing machine. If you’re buying something used and more expensive, try out a new one or workout on it at the gym, so you know how it should feel if it’s working right. Then all you have to do is test it before you buy the equipment.

  • Consider making a few pieces of equipment, like filling plastic detergent bottles with sand as weights or creating a workout bench.
  • If you’re going to use the home gym only occasionally, going used is often a good option. You should be able to get a good one that’s about half the price of a new one. Always check the price of a new one before you shop for used.
  • It’s better to get a more expensive used model than a cheaper, lower quality new option. Quality counts no matter what type of equipment you buy. It enhances your overall experience the higher the quality.
  • If storage is a problem, focus on resistance bands, hand weights and other easy to store items or take some private time with a trainer to create an at home workout designed with your accommodations and needs in mind.

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