Exceed Your Fitness Goals

Your fitness goals are our top priority at Studio Fit in Richmond Hill, GA. We have a program called Fit in 42, where people often exceed their goals. One of the big reasons people do so well is that they have both a program that’s made specifically for their needs and a lot of motivation to continue. A big reason people aren’t fit is that they either didn’t know where to start when it came to exercise or they started on and life got in the way, so fitness programs were put to the side.

It all starts with a goal and the right plan.

Whether you want to lose weight or just feel fitter and more energetic, you need to identify exactly what you want first, before you can accomplish anything. Setting a goal means being specific and making sure it’s something you really want. Don’t make it something someone else wants for you, unless it’s a doctor! Then you still have a vested interest. You could want to feel better or live longer if its doctor’s orders. Just don’t make your goal something like, “I want to lose weight because my boyfriend wants me to do it.” Make it personal, specific and give it a time line to achieve it.

If your goal is big, you may have to break it down to mini goals.

Mini goals keep you interested and give you motivation and a feeling of success along the way. Losing 100 pounds will take a long time if you do it in and people often give up or get off track before it happens. Breaking that goal down to ten mini goals of losing two to two and a half pounds a week is better. You’ll get that reassurance of success. The personal trainer then works out a program based on your goal and before you know it, you’ll start seeing results. You probably will even exceed your goals.

Your goal doesn’t have to be about weight-loss either.

We help everyone, whether they want to improve their overall performance in their particular sports, just feel more active and flexible in retirement or just feel great, we can help. We have programs that are sports specific to help build the muscles, endurance and flexibility to improve your performance and keep you safely in the game. There’s a lot of seniors that come to us for help because they simply aren’t ready to be old and feeble and know there’s a lot of life to live. I your skinny jeans don’t fit quite right, maybe a workout can help.

  • Our Fit in 42 program is extremely effective and most people find they actually get better results than they ever imagined.
  • Don’t forget, even if you set a goal, you can change it. This happens frequently, since many people get better results than they ever imagined. They have to beef up those goals and make them more challenging.
  • Your diet plays a role in your overall health and weight loss. You can’t build muscles without the proper building blocks. Our programs can help with a plan of healthy meals.
  • Come into Studio Fit and get a free evaluation. You’ll be impressed at both our facilities and trainers. There’s a plan available to fit almost anyone’s pocketbook, goals and schedule.

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