Exercise Takes Commitment

If you want to get into shape, you need commitment. Our Fit in 42 program at Studio Fit in Richmond Hill, GA, can get you fit faster, but you have to be committed to following it diligently. The good news is that even though it requires participation six days a week, it only lasts for six weeks. You get to decide whether you want to continue. Don’t worry, you don’t have to commit for a lifetime of exercise, but just six weeks of hard work and healthy eating. Once you see the changes, you’ll be ready for more.

Find a program that is based on your level of fitness and considers any limitations.

If you haven’t worked out in years, you can’t be expected to do the same routine that someone who has consistently worked out does. People with physical limitation also can’t do the same routine as someone who is issue free. There are differences in everyone who workouts, so addressing those differences is important.

You accomplish anything you choose to do when you’re committed.

True commitment will get you through the tough spots when achieving your goal, whether it’s getting fit or getting a new job, is tough. It helps you make it through the time when you aren’t seeing progress and keeps you on track when you feel like quitting. You can’t be committed if the goal isn’t important to you, which is why we work with people before they start, to help them identify their true reason for beginning their workout program. Once you find what motivates you, you’ll succeed in anything that you attempt.

Can you stay committed for six weeks?

We chose six weeks because it’s long enough to see results, but short enough, you can push past the excuses and stick with it. Just like any type of goal, when you know there’s an end point, you can keep the finish line in your mind. Having a deadline is also important. It’s why kids can manage to cram and finish a paper before the deadline or people can meet deadlines that seem impossible. They know they have a specific deadline and they keep the finish line in firmly planted in their head.

  • One of the reasons we focus so much on Fit in 42 is that results are important and extremely motivating. Once you see the results, you’ll be motivated to continuing.
  • Fit in 42 also works because you’ll work with the same group of people throughout the six weeks. Group energy and focus on results keeps you more accountable and therefore more motivated.
  • Making your workout a priority is important. It’s also why working out at the same time each day and making your workout an appointment you can’t miss is so important.
  • Come into Studio Fit and see our facilities. Our 30 day trial group classes might be just what you’re hoping to find or maybe personal training or our Fit in 42 would suit your needs better. You be the judge.

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