Fitness Starts With Small Steps

The ultimate goal for people who workout is normally to achieve fitness, but fitness involves more than just exercise. It’s more than just eating healthy, too. It’s the total lifestyle you live and has many facets. That’s one reason people start on the road to fitness in small steps. While some embrace starting a program with a personal trainer, others slide into fitness by making a much smaller commitment, which could be as simple as walking for 20 minutes a day. Both are good ways to start, since there’s no right or wrong road to fitness, it starts with a small change.

You need to choose a goal you can stick with until it becomes a habit.

If you know that you can’t stick with an hour workout at the gym every other day, don’t set yourself up to fail. Instead, find a workout that fits into your lifestyle. You might find some good ones that you can break up into two or three sessions throughout the day. You also could work with a trainer who could supply you with a workout and will adjust your appointments to fit your schedule. Smaller goals you can reach more quickly will bring success. Rather than creating a goal to shed 50 pounds, break it down to smaller goals to lose ten pounds or ten percent of your body weight that can bring success quicker.

Identify what you really want and work toward it in smaller steps.

Maybe you just want to feel good, maybe it’s weight loss, whatever your goal, it should be one that means something to you. One small change can make a huge difference. If you want to feel better and lose weight, just cut out processed food and eat more whole food. You’ll see your weight change and feel better. You’ll also boost your energy. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat your favorite dessert occasionally, just not as much and not as often. Once you’re on the train to healthy eating, make other small changes to tweak your progress.

Give yourself time to make the change a habit.

Any new behavior takes time to become a habit. If you’re working out or exercising, do it for 12-weeks before you evaluate whether you want to continue or not. Twelve weeks isn’t really that long, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to your health and overall fitness. In fact, you’ll notice a big transformation in your energy level, attitude and appearance.

  • As you find each small change becoming part of your life, add another small change to it. Part of eating healthy is making minor decisions of eating one food, rather than the other, for more benefits.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your goals. Maybe you started out just to feel better and now want to lose weight. Set new goals.
  • Not all fitness goals have to be about diet or exercise. Making a goal to drink at least 8-eight ounce glasses of water each day also is a fitness goal.
  • Small changes give you a taste of success and can be far easier. They give you then energy and conviction to make other changes that will affect your overall fitness.

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