Health Is Your First Wealth

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to ignore taking care of your health, because of many of the requirements of the job. It seems that wealth is often placed higher on the ladder of goals. That’s truly unfortunate, because with minor changes, you can have both. However, if you focus on wealth to the exclusion of your health, you’re either not going to enjoy the spoils of your bounty because of illness or the vast majority of your money and your time will be spent trying to regain your health.

It doesn’t take a lot to stay healthy, just consistency.

One of the best things you can do for your health is eat nutritious food and skip the junk food. While fast food may seem like the best way to get a quick meal, you’ll pay for it with your health if you eat too many fast food meals. Instead, take the time to plan a weekly menu and create a grocery list. You can save some time by ordering your list online and picking it up at the grocery. Cook healthy meals for the week and double those recipes, making your own heat and warm meals for that week and another week. You can even prepare lunches to take to the office. Once you get into the routine and have a few meals in the freezer, it will actually save time and your health.

Get more exercise.

It’s been said that a sedentary lifestyle is worse than smoking. While a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and the biggest cause of preventable death is now obesity, even if you don’t gain weight, not moving around at least five minutes of every hour is unhealthy. That movement doesn’t have to be jumping jacks or anything nearly that strenuous. It could be just walking around the room. Studies show that people who sat more than 8 hours a day died sooner than those who didn’t and the risk was as bad as those who smoked or who were obese. Getting an hour to an hour and a half of exercise a day can offset too much sitting.

Are you burning the midnight oil more than necessary?

You may think you’re getting enough sleep if you go to bed early, but if you’re watching television or movies on the computer, you’ve wiped out the benefits of an early bedtime. Getting adequate sleep is important for heart health and can also help prevent obesity. Lack of sleep increases the hormones that make you hungry and inhibits those that make you feel full. You tend to eat more when you don’t have enough sleep and that can put you on the road to obesity.

  • You won’t have to stay up all night or stay late at the office if you workout regularly. A program of regular exercise not only gives you more energy to get things done faster, it also boosts your cognitive abilities.
  • Eating healthy can prevent blood sugar fluctuations that can leave you feeling exhausted and unable to function or to wired to focus on anything. It helps you make your wealth, while remaining healthy.
  • Enjoy what you do. Whether it’s work or exercise, you should enjoy it. If you hate what you do for a living, reconsider what you do. If you hate your exercise program, do something that you like. Focus on what you truly will enjoy and what gives you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment and joy.
  • Take time to appreciate the world around you. Some people do it through meditation and calming their mind so they can appreciate the world more fully. Others simply walk up each day and give thanks for everything they have. A thankful and appreciative attitude will help you live longer and healthier.

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