How To Motivate Yourself On A Rainy Day

Those cloudy, drizzly days in Richmond Hill, GA, can certainly affect your mood and even make it tougher to get the energy to go to the gym. It can make you feel like wrapping up in a blanket, binge watching TV and munching on sugary treats. However, those are the times when you must motivate yourself and there’s some great ways to do it. It takes planning ahead and knowing there will betimes that you simply don’t feel like exercising. Find one of the suggestions that works for you and have it ready when you need it most.

Just do it!

Okay, someone already took that slogan, but it doesn’t mean you can’t. Make a deal with yourself to just workout for a few minutes, make it ten minutes or more. If you want to quit after that workout, do…but agree to do that two more times throughout the day. Studies show that three separate ten minute workouts can provide the same benefit as one thirty-minute one. If you find that after ten minutes, you’re ready to go another thirty to forty, go for it. Doing something is always better than doing nothing and it makes it easier to complete your goals.

Create a routine and follow it closely.

Lay out your clothes and start your routine by getting dressed. Actually, that can be a tough one if you’re ready to spend the day on the couch, but getting dressed, whether it’s for a workout or a day at work, will help you get motivated. Once you’re dressed, your body is ready for the next step, going somewhere and doing something. It all gets back to getting started, so make it easy on yourself.

Instead of laying on the couch, make the alternative something you hate to do.

Whether it’s moving your furniture so you can sweep everywhere or washing windows, you probably have a task that you’ve put off for a while, preferably something that requires effort. Have a list of those tasks ready for those days you don’t want to workout. Use one of those jobs as the alternative to working out. If it’s a job that takes physical effort, you’ll still be getting exercise and getting work done, too. Most people find that working out is preferable to doing tasks they’ve put off for years.

  • Just getting up and moving will help you avoid binge eating, but if you need a bit of extra help, learn to use procrastination to your favor. Put off eating that first sweet roll or the candy bar you have in your freezer for later. You could put it off forever!
  • Start your routine with something as simple as packing a bag of gym clothes, if you dress at the gym, or filling a water bottle, it should be anything that gets you closer to your goal. It’s all about having a routine and sticking with it, even when you’re not motivated.
  • Take a walk. Don’t let yourself lay on the couch, take the dog for a walk or go for one by yourself if you don’t have a pet. If it’s too nasty to walk outside, do a few brisk laps up and down stair or in the living room.
  • Avoid the problem by having a workout friend or personal trainer. It’s one reason our group and private training sessions work so well. You’re more apt to go to the gym if you’re meeting someone there.

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