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     I came to Studio Fit on a complete whim, and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Coming here has helped me to develop more strength physically, but also more confidence in myself. I never thought weight-lifting was something I would like, but I’ve grown to actually enjoy going to the gym to spend time improving myself alongside my Studio Fit family. While I’ve gotten guidance from each coach here, Dennis has been my primary instructor. He spends time writing out a strength plan for me, discussing my diet, and then encouraging me to complete my workout. He doesn’t let me give up or psych myself out, for which I am grateful. Even though I’m a smaller woman, I never feel any intimidation or judgement from anyone at the gym. If anything, reassurances and support are all you’ll find, especially in Dennis’s classes. Thanks for all your help, Dennis!

    Faith McCombs