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    I came to Studio Fit needing guidance from trainers that were willing to listen to my needs and customize exercises specific to my abilities and goals. I started with the Fit in 42 program and lost 11 pounds, but more importantly my body became stronger, my physique began to change and my confidence started to soar. Each of my coaches were attentive and kept me motivated every step of the way, especially when I wanted to give up. I have been to other gyms in the area and the Studio Fit trainers and facility outshines them all. The level of expertise and knowledge at Studio Fit is remarkable and when it comes to my health this is a #1 priority. I only want to work with the best and that’s exactly what I get when I step through those doors. I’m extremely excited to continue my journey at Studio Fit and begin weightlifting, something I have aspired to do for years. I have full trust that my coaches will help me reach the next level in my fitness journey and best of all, I will make friends for life. If you are like me and wanting to make a permanent lifestyle change, this is the place you need to be. This group of rock stars will be by your side every step of the way.

    Rhea Bheeler