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    I went to Studio Fit looking for a way to jumpstart what had become a mundane workout routine for me. I was met with vigor and professionalism by the coaches who all wanted to take my fitness goals to the next level. The ease of registering for classes via the Studio Fit App and easy correspondence with each coach helped me stay on top of my workouts. What impresses me most is the attention to detail and the discipline that each coach possesses to ensure correct form to prevent injury all while pushing me beyond what I believed I could achieve. I receive emails/ messages from the coaches even when I’m not at the gym assisting me in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I appreciate that there is an in depth knowledge of form and body mechanics all while making each workout exciting and engaging. The things I continue to learn and the results I have seen are proof that this team of coaches have your best interests in mind and will motivate you to crush your fitness goals.