Tips To Monitor Your Fitness Progress

In Richmond Hill, GA we track clients progress in a number of ways. There’s a good reason to monitor your fitness progress and the more ways you track it, the more motivated you’ll be. It’s more than just about motivation, it’s also about finding out what works and what doesn’t work. If you’re doing everything right but not getting the progress you hoped to achieve, maybe there are problems with your workout or diet. Finding lack of progress can be just as important as finding out you’re doing great! It gives an opportunity to change the workout and look more closely at dietary needs.

The old stand-by of weight loss may not be enough.

If you’re eating healthy and working out regularly, you expect to see your weight drop. That’s not always the case. Sometimes, the lack of weight loss can come from something as simple as water weight that can be elusive enough to make you feel like a failure. Sometimes, the difference comes from muscle tissue. Muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue does. If you have less fat tissue and more muscle tissue, it’s a sign that you’re fitter, but may come with the consequence of losing less weight.

It’s important to have several types of tracking.

Take measurements. Just like shedding pounds, shedding inches is an indication you’re fitter. For those times when you’re not seeing that weight loss, yet you know you’re doing everything right, taking measurements will give you the information you need. One cubic inch of muscle tissue weighs far more than one cubic inch of fat tissue. In other words, if you have more muscle tissue and less fat tissue, but weight the same amount, you’ll look and be thinner. You’ll wear a smaller size or the size you wear will fit looser. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Looking and feeling your best, not the number on the scales.

Check out how much improvement you made in various areas of fitness.

Can you lift heavier weights without feeling like you’re about to break a blood vessel or walk further without resting? Is touching your toes something you no longer think of as a fantasy, but can do it in real life? Those things all mean you’re fitter and doing a whole lot right. Fitness is for more than just the “beautiful” body everyone seems to want, it’s about being healthy and feeling great, too.

  • Checking your blood pressure can give you an indication that you’re getting fitter. That’s particularly true for people with both high and low blood pressure. Getting fit can help get you back to normal.
  • Track your energy level. Do you find that you still have a lot of oomph at the end of the day? That’s probably because getting fit can boost your energy level and keep you going.
  • Do you emotionally feel better? Exercise helps burn off the hormones of stress and gets you back to a healthy normal.
  • Is your digestion improved. One thing often overlooked is how exercise improves your digestion. It boosts the healthy microbes in the gut and eliminates the bad ones. It helps improve both digestion and elimination.

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