What’s Your Favorite Exercise

I always try to find out what our clients in Richmond Hill, GA, enjoy doing. It helps me create workouts and make suggestions to help them get more exercise. If you absolutely hate running, there’s not reason you have to run. There are so many other ways to get fit that you shouldn’t do something you hate. That increases your likelihood of quitting. You need to find your favorite exercise and include it in your fitness regimen. It can be your go-to workout for those days you don’t want to workout.

Finding your favorite exercise doesn’t mean doing it exclusively.

If you like to run, something many people do, you can include it several times a week in your workout, but you need more. While running will boost your endurance and build leg muscles, it does nothing for the upper body. It definitely burns calories, but it doesn’t discriminate where it gets those calories. It can come from both fat and lean muscle mass. That means you’ll have less muscle tissue, which makes it even harder for weight loss. Ensuring you have strength building exercises and flexibility training as part of your program is important.

Identifying why you like a certain type of workout and mirroring it helps.

Maybe you love the freedom of jumping jacks. They’re a good exercise, but you need more. Consider kettlebell workouts that mimic that same freedom, but that also build muscle tissue, flexibility and endurance. Finding ways to infuse some of the elements you like into your daily workout, makes you look forward to working out.

If you’re a social person, you’ll love working out with a group.

Group sessions aren’t for socializing, but they are social. There’s a lot to be said for the motivation that comes from working out with others that are dedicated to getting results. If you’ve never been to a group session, you probably don’t realize how much people help each other and cheer each other on to victory. Identify whether you’ll be better off working out in a group, by yourself or with a personal trainer in private sessions. Finding out what is best for you keeps you motivated.

  • Staying motivated is the hardest part of getting fit. It requires consistency, both in healthy eating and working out. If you miss a session, it doesn’t mean you failed. Just start fresh the next day.
  • Getting fit is more than just working out, although exercise is extremely important. Getting fit means eating healthy, too. The same holds true with that. Start with healthy foods you like. You can start slowly by simply cutting out processed or sugary foods first.
  • The key to getting and staying fit is to make exercise more fun! It shouldn’t be work, which is why finding what you love is important. Turn on music and dance toward fitness if that’s what it takes.
  • Working out with your family can make it more fun. Do family activities like hiking or kayaking. Not only will you be getting great exercise, you’ll be helping your child to live a healthier life.

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