Workout Smarter And Harder

If you’ve always been told that you need to workout smarter, not harder, you know there are some workout that are more effective than others are. I believe that working out smarter is important, but that doesn’t mean it should be easy. That’s why I tell clients in Richmond Hill to workout smarter and harder. Only you can decide whether you’ll work harder, but we can help and we’re also here to help you work out smarter.

Smarter workouts include varying your workout regularly.

When you do the same workout and never vary it, it causes the body to become more efficient. Efficiency may be good in many areas, but not when it comes to losing weight and making fitness gains. In order to get the maximum amount of benefit from your workout, frequent change is important. Adjusting the workout to your level of fitness as your level of fitness improve is also another way to ensure you’re working out smarter and harder.

Get more results by increasing difficulty or increase repetitions.

While doing any type of workout will help you get and stay fitter, getting the best results from constantly challenging yourself. Increasing the level of difficulty by adding more weight and reducing reps, when you’re working with weights or increasing the intensity of your workout. Vary your workout, not only by the exercises you do, but by the intensity. Go hard for a short time with a time for recovery and back to the tough workout.

Make sure you have the right fuel for working out to maximum.

Don’t forget to eat healthy. Eating healthy isn’t starving yourself. In fact, that’s counterproductive to getting fit. Your body needs fuel to maximize the workout. Fuel for heavy lifting means carbohydrates, but not the sugary or white bread kind. It means complex carbs like lentils, beans and starchy vegetables. Eating healthy also provides the nutrition necessary to create muscle tissue, while encouraging fat loss.

  • Remember that not all exercise has to take place in the gym. To maximize your benefits, go for a walk or so other light aerobic exercise between sessions.
  • Always let your muscles rest at least 48 to 72 hours before working the same muscle groups again. If you worked on chest muscles on Monday, work on other parts of your body until Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Stick with the program. Don’t get discouraged. You’ll be working harder when you do that and definitely smarter. It’s one reason the Fit in 42 program works so well. Even if you’re counting down the days until the 42nd day, you’re still working out!!!
  • If you’re working out at home or on your own, make sure you cover all areas of fitness—strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. When you’re working out with us, we make sure your program is balanced.

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