Healthy Habits For The Entire Family

Healthy habits for the entire family are important no matter where you live. Here in Richmond Hill, GA I often hear clients hunting for ways to share their new found fitness with their spouse and/or children. It’s only natural to want to share. If you’re feeling healthy and good, you want those you love to experience the same. However, they’re often faced by resistance when they try to get others to exercise or serve a super healthy meal that no one will eat. Here are some tips my clients found that worked. Feel free to add your own in the comment section, we love it when you share.

Plan family outings that are active and stay active in the home.

Instead of going out to dinner and then to the movies, consider a hike in the park and a picnic lunch. Get gifts that promote exercise, like a bike or sports equipment. Even a hula hoop can be fun, especially if everyone has their own and joins the group. Dance through chores with the kids and make sure you exercise every day at home with your children. Make it fun, not grueling. If you don’t have children, just a spouse, get your spouse to join you. For those with pets, you’ll do them a favor with play time that keeps both of you active.

Plan meals ahead and make them healthy.

Get everyone involved with meal planning. Find several recipes each week and let everyone have a choice. Don’t go for boxed or premade items and make sure every meal has a several fresh vegetables or fruits. Get the kids and/or your spouse involved with meal preparation. Make it fun. Have some meals made ahead of time and ready to heat and serve. Also have healthy snacks on hand like nuts, fruit, veggies and dip.

Create a scheduled time to eat together and stick with it.

In today’s world, getting the whole family to eat together is tough, but make at least one meal together manditory. It can be breakfast, even if everyone has to get up a bit earlier or dinner. Don’t sit in front of the TV, but eat at the table and talk. Talking in person with one another is a lost art and it builds bonds, while giving parents and insight to the trials of their child’s day. It lets all family members know they’re important.

  • Have healthy drinks on hand. Don’t go for the juice boxes, but stick with water. Too many people fail to drink adequate water but get their fluid from high calorie drinks, including juice. Most juice boxes are simply sugar water with flavor.
  • Get adequate sleep. Having a bedtime is important no matter what your age. Make sure every family member has a scheduled bedtime and sleep in a dark room with no electronic devices.
  • Take time for appreciation. Every day make sure each person makes it a habit to find something each person did that was impressive or kind. Make sure you include the sharing during a family meal.
  • Create a bed time ritual. Getting the kids to sleep is often hard, but not if they’re looking forward to your undivided attention where you read to them or simply talk. It’s one more chance to bond and to learn more about your child.

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